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Application Deadline: March 31, 2017

The deadline to apply for the 2017 enrollment cohort of Blue Water Middle College Academy is Friday, March 31st.  Applications will not be accepted after that date.  Learn more about the middle college and the application and enrollment process below.


Now accepting applications for the
2017–2018 school year

Applications are now being accepted for the 2017 new student cohort. Students must enroll in the middle college by the fall of 11th grade, so now is the time for current 10th grade students in St. Clair County to apply.  


The application process consists of the following steps:

  1. Learn about the Blue Water Middle College Academy by reading the information below and the Student/Parent Information document llinked to on the right side of this page.  You are also encouraged to contact any of the middle college staff members listed at the right with any questions you might have.

  2. Interested students must submit an application no later than March 31, 2017. 

  3. Students who apply (and at least one parent or guardian) are required to meet with a middle college staff member at SC4 for an enrollment interview. The goal of the interview is for students to get an individualized picture of the benefits and challenges of becoming a middle college student.  

  4. After the interview, students who want to enroll must sign a "Request to Enroll" agreement listing expectations and requirements of Blue Water Middle College Academy students.

  5. SC4 placement testing must be completed in the spring along with other registration requirements.

Middle College overview

The Blue Water Middle College Academy provides St. Clair County students the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and a college associate degree at no cost by attending school for an extra year.


The middle college is designed to increase the number of students enrolling in college and the number of students completing either an associate or bachelor’s degree. 


This is accomplished by progressively transitioning high school students into the college environment beginning in 11th grade and continuing through year 13. The Blue Water Middle College is modeled on schools elsewhere in Michigan and the nation that blend high school and college classes.


Students are supported throughout the program with personal mentoring and academic counseling, college success workshops, and development of a supportive group of fellow middle college students. 


Students enroll in the Blue Water Middle College Academy in the fall of their 11th grade year. Enrollment begins in January with a series of informational meetings at the partnering high schools.  

Mackenzie Klein article thumb

One student's story

Makenzie Klein wasn't at all thrilled when Mom told her she was going to enroll in the Blue Water Middle College Academy. Three years later, Makenzie has her high school diploma, two years of college credit, a scholarship and a career plan.

PDF DocumentRead her story


Transferring SC4 creditTransferring SC4 credits to a four-year university

The middle college allows its students to earn free college credits through St. Clair County Community College. These credits will transfer to four-year universities, which will save students and their families money. 

PDF DocumentLearn more

Dateline Schools Interview with BWMCA Director, Pete Spencer



Pete Spencer describes the middle college and reports on the achievements of current BWMCA students and its graduates.


Click on the photo at the left to go to the first of the series of five daily segments on the St. Clair County RESA TV: School News YouTube channel. You will be able to select the Tuesday through Friday segments when at the site.

Video Overview of the BWMCA

Below is a short video that provides an overview of the Blue Water Middle College Academy from the perspective of its students and BWMCA and SC4 staff.



A unique partnership

The BWMCA is chartered by the St. Clair County Regional Educational Service Agency and reflects a unique partnership between the RESA, St. Clair County Community College and five county school districts: Algonac, Capac, Memphis, Port Huron and Yale.


Students take their high school courses at one of the  partnering high schools. Their college courses are taken at St. Clair County Community College.


Students enrolling in the Blue Water Middle College Academy  become students of the middle college but are allowed to play sports and participate in normal extracurricular activities at their local high school through agreements between the middle college and the local districts.

Success Sessions

Success Sessions are provided several times a month by middle college staff to provide students time to meet as a group, share information and ideas, and learn about the strategies and skills that help students succeed at high levels in college.


Students are expected to attend all Success Sessions. They are often offered on Friday afternoons when there are few college classes taking place at SC4. Success Sessions for grade 13 students are offered Friday morning and afternoon to accommodate their differing schedules.  Information on each upcoming Success Session is shared with students and parents via email.

Some of the topics addressed at the Success Sessions include:


  • Differences between high school and college
  • Planning for an associate degree
  • Note-taking and study strategies for college courses
  • Communicating with college instructors
  • Choosing college classes and the registration process
  • Awareness of departments and programs at SC4
  • Planning ahead:
    • Refining career choices
    • Identifying future college options
    • Credit transferability
  • The college application process
  • Paying for College: Financial Aid

Below: Traci Whymer, BWMCA Student Advisor, talks to new middle college students about calculating their grades throughout the semester.  Awareness of where you stand is critical to success in a college course.Ms. Whymer explaining to 11th grade students who to calculate their grade mid-semester


Student Success Central website

A separate website for students and parents, "Student Success Central", has been created to host information essential to the successful transition of students from high school to college.

Click here to visit the site.


Video summaries of all Success Sessions and the Parent Orientation are posted on the SSC site. Below is a screenshot of the SSC home page.



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Blue Water Middle College Academy staff

For more information, call

(810) 989-5841 or contact one of the staff members listed below:


Pete Spencer


(810) 989-5805

E-mail Pete


Matthew Ruiz

Assistant Director

(810) 989-5800

E-mail Matt


Jennifer Barr

Student Advisor

(810) 989-5835

Email Jennifer


Traci Whymer

Student Advisor

(810) 989-5836

Email Traci


Michele Lawson

Administrative Assistant

(810) 989-5841

Email Michele


(810) 989-5848


2017 Application

Click here  for the 2017 new student application. Directions for submitting the completed application are found at the bottom of the document.  If you fax the application, please call the middle college at 810-989-5841 to confirm it was received. 


The deadline for receiving applications is Friday, March 31, 2017.

Student/Parent Information Document


Click here for a detailed description of the middle college program and information students and parents should consider as they decide whether the middle college is right for them.


The academy is chartered by the St. Clair County Regional Educational Service Agency.

Its partners are:


  • St. Clair County Community College
  • Algonac High School
  • Capac High School
  • Memphis High School
  • Port Huron High School
  • Port Huron Northern High School
  • Yale High School
  • Virtual Learning Academy


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