Using My Brain

using my brain

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I can...

  • Recognize basic colors
  • Recognize some shapes
  • Recognize some numbers
  • Touch and count objects to 10
  • Recognize and write some letters
  • Recognize my name in print
  • Rhyme words and sounds
  • Sort items by shape, size, and color
  • Make a simple pattern with items
  • Understand "same" and "different"
  • Attend and engage in age appropriate activities

My parents help by...

  • Reading books to me daily
  • Singing and clapping to songs, nursery rhymes, and books
  • Teaching me to recognize the letters in my name
  • Helping me practice writing my first and last name
  • Letting me count items out loud and by touch
  • Letting me sort items by size, shape and color
  • Playing games that allow me to find different letters and numbers
  • Taking me to the library and allowing me to explore different books