Using My Muscles

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I can...

  • Cut with scissors
  • Pick up small objects
  • Turn pages in a book
  • Hold and use pencils and crayons
  • Open snacks and food wrappers on my own
  • Dress myself - buttons, zippers, snaps, shoes, gloves, coats
  • Take care of my body - use the bathroom, wash my hands, use a tissue
  • Be active - jump, run, climb, hop, throw, kick, catch, balance on one foot

My parents help by...

  • Supervising and showing me how to use scissors
  • Giving me pencils, crayons, markers, paint brushes
  • Showing me how to hold a pencil or crayon
  • Helping me strengthen my hands to hold a pencil by using Play-Doh, tongs, crayons, scissors
  • Encouraging me to open snacks on my own and clean up my mess
  • Providing space and allowing me to get messy using paint, glue, Play-Doh, and other art supplies
  • Allowing enough time for me to dress myself
  • Being active with me outside
  • Building with me using materials we have including blocks, LEGOs, Lincoln Logs, and other building materials
  • Giving me enough sleep, healthy foods, limited screen time