Managing My Emotions and Relationships

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I can…

  • Approach and join a group of children
  • Engage with other children in pretend play
  • Identify my own emotions
  • Manage my emotions with some help
  • Follow a predictable routine
  • Wait and take turns
  • Separate easily from family members/caregivers
  • Express and respond to my wants and needs with words
  • Respect and care for others — recognize others' feelings, respect others' space and abilities, recognize and accept distractions

My parents help by…

  • Modeling the skills I need to manage my emotions — taking deep breaths, having time alone, staying calm
  • Playing games with me that require taking turns
  • Teaching me the names of my feelings
  • Giving me a consistent routine
  • Scheduling time for me to play with other children my age
  • Providing me with opportunities to go places with adults to build my independence
  • Teaching me to respect personal space