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"What your child learns from birth to three matters most throughout the rest of his or her life. During this time, what children do and experience can help them become successful later in life."

Early Literacy

Reading and writing skills start within the first three years of life.

The following article discusses ways to provide your child with an environment that is filled with literacy starting from infancy.

Early Learning

Your baby starts to experience the world around him/her from birth. This article provides families ideas of ways to support your child's learning through daily activities.

Early Play

Starting at birth children are eager to understand how the world around them works. This article provides information that will help you to nurture your child's development through play.

Starting Smart

Provides parents with an understanding of how early experiences impact brain development.

Helpful websites:

Brain Games

Provides fun activities and easy activities to increase grow and development in your child.

Grow Up Great

Provides parents with tips and information about health, early learning, literacy and development.

Text for Baby

Provides parents with free text messages during pregnancy and through the first 12 months about grow and development.

Behavior/Activity Charts

This website allows parents to make, and use free behavior charts.

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Gives updates on product recalls.