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Blue Water Learning Academy

Everyone deserves a second chance

The FOCUS of the Blue Water Learning Academy is to provide an educational option for students serving an expulsion from their local school district.


The school also provides an alternative option for students who have not been successful in the regular school setting.


Students may enter Blue Water Learning Academy with the goal of returning to their home school or may choose to complete their high school education in this alternative setting.


Blue Water vs. Traditional High SchoolTeacher and student

Individualized instruction: Our student's are more than just one of hundreds. Our small environment allows us to build relationships with our students and provide them with life lessons to help them succeed later in life.


Blue Water vs. Online Learning or Web-based ProgramsStudent working

We believe that the best way to build a well rounded student is through multiple measures. Online-based programs do not mentor students. They do not offer supervised instruction. They do not offer or teach social skills. Many students struggle in school because they may lack motivation. We feel that students that struggle with motivation are best served in a classroom with a professional teacher offering encouragement and support. Online-based programs offer no readily-available instructor to help with problems, motivation or explanations.


Our classrooms provide immediate access to an instructor and face-to-face interaction with classmates, allowing opportunities for group discussions, debates and presentations.


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9541 Phelps Road

Algonac, MI 48001

Phone: (810) 794-8067

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Our Mission

  • Assess students behavioral and academic needs.
  • Formulate an individual education plan based on the Michigan Curriculum Framework.
  • Provide quality instruction in core subject matter.
  • Provide responsibility training to students with emphasis in teaching and modeling life skills necessary for one to be successful.
  • Offer each student the opportunity for academic success and the opportunity to earn credits toward high school graduation.


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