Alterative Energy Units

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Common core

Common Core for math  

Resources for the Common Core


Activities for geometry

St. Clair RESA Geometry Teacher's PD: 10-08-08

Geometry Websites: Logic and Proof

Geometry Websites: Reasoning and Logic

Geometry Activity: Proof Kit

Geometry Activity: Go with Flow




7th Grade: Constructions

7th Grade: Similarity

8th Grade: Area, Perimeter

8th Grade: Volume


Similarity and Proportion Activities

Making similar figures with a Pantograph

Proportion Activities


CabriJr Activities

Constructions Using CabriJr


Pythagorean Theorem Activities

Proof Using CabriJr

Worksheet for Proof Activity using CabriJr

Proof Activity Using GSP


Polynomial Function Activities

Building Connections with linear functions

Building Connections with linear functions answer sheet

Building Connections: 3rd degree functions

Ball Bounce Activity

Using graphs to model functions

Quadrilateral Worksheet

Quadrilateral Transformations using TI83


Algebra II Activities

 Powerpoint Document Box Method Power Point

 Powerpoint Document Factoring Methods Power Point


E-Books from MEL website

501 Geometry Questions 

501 Logic and Reasoning Problems

501 Measurement Questions

ACT Prep Questions

Math for the Trades

Visual Math


TI Calculator Activities

 Getting Started with TI-Inspire: High School Math

Volume of Cylinder (TI-Nspire activity)


Alternative Energy

Renewable/Nonrenewable Energy Cards

Washington Fuel Cell Curriculum 

Alternative Energy Graphs Power point

How to use a Digital Multi Meter

Alternative Fuel Data

Wind Energy Data

Solar Energy Data


Careers In Energy

Career Current: Oil and Gas

Career Current: Offshore

Career Currents: Nuclear

Career Currents: Solar

Career Currents: Hydro

Career Currents: Wind

Career Current: GreenJobs

Career Currents: Eco Mgt.

Defining Energy Jobs