St. Clair County public school districts

About our communities and schoolsMap of SCC school districts

St. Clair County boasts a widely diversified school community. Within our school districts are 12 high schools, 11 intermediate/junior high schools, 32 elementary schools, 5 public school academies, a technical education learning center, and a special education learning facility. Through these schools, each district provides educational services essential to fulfilling the needs of their communities.

The school districts of St. Clair County represent a diverse mix of cultures. The Port Huron Area School District operates in a middle sized city environment. East China, Marysville, and Algonac schools are in suburban areas. Memphis, Capac, and Yale schools are in rural settings. Because of our range of cultural settings, St. Clair County schools have developed a variety of cutting-edge programs to serve each community. We also developed a fiberoptic link between all the schools providing them shared access and Internet capabilities.

We are proud of the excellent education provided in each of our districts.