Intervention Academy


Section 1: Fiscal Year 2010-2011 Board Approved Budget


Section 2:

Personnel Expenditures

Current Operating Expenditures


Section 3a: Collective Bargaining Agreements


Section 3b: Employer-Sponsored Health Care Plans

St. Clair County RESA VEBA:


Section 3c: Audited Financial Statements


Section 4: Employee Compensation Information

  • The Academy has an assigned Chief Administrative Officer through a third party (St. Clair County RESA) and does not pay employee salary and benefit costs for a superintendent in the fiscal year ended June 2011.
  • The Academy does not have employee wages in excess of 100,000 for fiscal year ended June 2011. The Academy contracts with SCCRESA for administrative and business services during fiscal year ended June 2011. Click here for a complete list of employee salary and benefit costs.


Section 5: District Paid Association Dues

  • ASCD ($89)
  • MACUL ($120)


Section 6: District Paid Lobbying Costs

  • The Academy did not pay any lobbying expenses for fiscal year ended June 2011

Section 7: Health Insurance Bid Document