St. Clair County RESA


Section 1: Fiscal Year 2014/15 – 2015/16 Board Approved Budget


Section 2:

Personnel expenditures

Current operating expenditures


Section 3a: Collective Bargaining Agreements

    -Appendix A-Salary Schedule

    -Appendix B-Impact of Evaluation

    -Appendix C 1-TEC Calendar

    -Appendix C 2- Woodland Calendar

    - Appendix D- Pay Schedule 

    -Appendix E-Direct Deposit

    - Appendix F-Health Options

    -Appendix G-Dental Plan

    -Appendix H-Vision Plan

    -Appendix I-Compensatory Time Form

    -Appendix J 1-Evaluation TEC Teacher

    - Appendix J 2-Evaluation Woodland Teacher

    -Appendix J 3-Evaluation Occupational Therapist

    -Appendix J 4-Evaluation Physical Therapist

    -Appendix J 5-Evaluation Speech and Language Pathologist

    -Appendix J 6-Evaluation School Social Worker

    -Appendix J 7-Evaluation Teacher Consultant      

    -Appendix K-Evaluation Explanation

    -Appendix L-Grievance Form

    -Appendix M-Extended Day Program Incident Report


Section 3b: Employer-Sponsored Health Care Plans:

Section 3c: 2015/2016 Audited Financial Statements

Section 4: Employee Compensation Information

Section 5: District Paid Association Dues

Section 6: District Paid Lobbying Costs

Section 7: Health Insurance Bid Document

Section 8: Link to Michigan Education Dashboard

Section 9:  Service Consolidation Plan

Section 10:  District Credit Card Information

Section 11:  Out-of-State Travel Information

Section 12:  Deficit Elimination Plan

  • The district has not incurred a deficit

Section 13:  Written Policy Governing Procurement of Supplies, Materials & Equipment

Section 14:  Written Policy of Reimbursable Expenses

Section 15:  Link to Accounts Payable Check Register

Section 16:  Link to Annual Website Report

Educator Evaluation Systems Postings and Assurances

State-approved Teacher Evaluation Tools

State-approved Administrator Evaluation Tools