Creature Feature

Live animal event at the Pine River Nature Center

Saturday, Nov. 12,  3–4 p.m. 

Dan Briere from The Little Creatures Co. will present this exotic live animal program. Some of the animals that may accompany him include a 3-foot Honduran milk snake, an 8-foot albino Burmese python, a large tarantula (don't worry, it’s caged), a 7-inch giant African bullfrog, a panther chameleon, a large bearded dragon, a 12-inch African leopard tortoise, a 3-foot American alligator (mouth muzzled), a Chinchilla, and 2 medium sized parrots. He will provide basic information about each animal in this fun, fast-paced presentation. For a flier of this event, click here.


Stay for refreshments around the campfire after the program.


COST: $5/person. Pay in advance when registering.


QUESTIONS: Call (810) 364-5477 or email