Virtual Tour of the Nature Center

View the exciting exhibit room displays in the slide show below. 

Bald Eagle

Acrylic cubes allow close up viewing and better interpretation of size.

Bald Eagle Bald Eagle

Exhibit Room

A taxidermy mount of an Alaskan Brown Bear stands taller than visitors!

Exhibit Room Exhibit Room

Rustic Decor

A combination of live animals, taxidermy mounts and a display of touching furs & skulls represents a wide variety of wildlife.

Rustic Decor Rustic Decor

Turtle with a Soft shell?

The rarely seen Eastern Spiny Softshell Turtle is an unusual site.

Turtle with a Soft shell? Turtle with a Soft shell?

Artifacts and Media Center

A video kiosk and Native American artifacts represent the First Peoples of this region.

Artifacts and Media Center Artifacts and Media Center

Great Lakes Fish Aquarium

The lobby of the nature center houses the Great Lakes Fish aquarium.

Great Lakes Fish Aquarium Great Lakes Fish Aquarium

Birds Display

Different Birds' nests and eggs are on display in the Nature Center Lobby.

Birds Display Birds Display

New beehive installation

Pine River Beekeepers Board Members install the new observation bee hive.

New beehive installation New beehive installation

Taxidermy tree

There are 18 taxidermied specimens in this 18 foot tall exhibit.

Taxidermy tree Taxidermy tree

Turtle pen

A live turtle makes his home around the taxidermy tree.

Turtle pen Turtle pen

Water Study Station

Covered work station for close up examination during pond study programs.

Water Study Station Water Study Station

River Study

Students collect macroinvertebrates in the Pine River.

River Study River Study