Resource Clearinghouse


Consultant Protopages

Consultants of the St. Clair Mathematics and Science Center share resources with local educators through their protopages: 

Laura Chambless: Many resources on for K-8 Math and Science educators.  Tabs include Common Core math, cooperative learning, blended learning, technology, grade specific activities and many more.


Jim Licht: Tabs include 6-12 grade level and subject specific math activities, Common Core, Alternative Energy, careers and many more.


To view all the RESA consultants' webpages:   click here


 Equipment to Loan

 St. Clair RESA Mathematics and Science Center has a limit amount of equipment that is available to St. Clair teachers to check out and use in their classroom.   To see a list of equipment, click here.  To borrow equipment, please feel free to contact

Jim Licht:  (810) 455-4241

Laura Chambless:  (810) 455-4005