Family Support

GOAL: Families of infants and young children are safe and economically stable.

Economic hardship and other types of deprivation (child neglect or abuse) can have profound effects on children's development and their prospects for the future.  Low family income can impact children's cognitive development and ability to learn.  It can contribute to behavioral, social and emotional problems.  The greatest risk is for young children who experience economic hardship, especially that of a severe and chronic nature.

Family Support initiatives help parents develop and use available resources that enable them to nurture and support the healthy development of their children.  Family support services range from providing information about early learning, to helping families to access economic security benefits and connect with other families and community services. 


Services and supports that address the basic, daily living needs and stressors impairing the ability of families to nurture the well-being, safety and overall health development of their infants and young children.