Employee forms


Business templates

These files include letterhead stationery, a fax cover sheet and other common templates that use the RESA logo. The circular RESA seal is being phased out of routine use and should be reserved for official use only by the Board of Education and the superintendent's office.


Please contact Lisa Steinborn in Communications, ext. 4032, if you have questions about how to customize any of these templates for your department or with ideas for other templates to add to this list.


RESA business templates 


St. Clair TEC templates


Employee business and other forms

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open these files.

Although the forms may be completed online, they must be printed and signed by the designated staff member(s).

Do not try to print these forms by using the "FILE-PRINT" command. You must either use the print icon on the toolbar or the one on the bottom of the form.


    – Leave procedures: Changing phone/e-mail messages prior to leave


Woodland forms

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