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This directory is provided as a convenience to website users. It includes RESA employees as well as others who provide services through the RESA to St. Clair County public school students. It is not intended and should not be inferred that all listed parties on this directory are RESA employees.


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PDF Document2014-2015 St. Clair County School/Staff Directory (print version)

Lists key officials and contact information for all St. Clair County school districts.

Updated 4/13/15



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Name Email PositionBuilding Phone & Extension
Natalie Adair  emailSend email to Natalie Adair   Intervention SpecialistAdministration (810) 455-4047   
Catherine Agostino  emailSend email to Catherine Agostino   Teacher AideWoodland (810) 455-4421   
Riley Alley  emailSend email to Riley Alley   Great Start Collaborative DirectorAdministration (810) 455-4397   
Debby Allington  emailSend email to Debby Allington   Early On Service ProviderAdministration (810) 455-4023   
Ashley Allison  emailSend email to Ashley Allison   Teacher AideWoodland (810) 455-4416   
Katie Anderson  emailSend email to Katie Anderson   Teacher AideWoodland (810) 455-4423   
Lisa Andrzejewski  emailSend email to Lisa Andrzejewski   TeacherWoodland (810) 455-4434   
John Angerbrandt  emailSend email to John Angerbrandt   CustodianAdministration (810) 455-4086   
Nancy Archer  emailSend email to Nancy Archer   ParaprofessionalTEC (810) 455-4300   
Patty Armstrong  emailSend email to Patty Armstrong   Accounts PayableAdministration (810) 455-4061   

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