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‘What We Do’ is a publication of St. Clair County RESA that looks at local education-related issues. It is distributed electronically.


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Fall 2016 What we do cover


‘They make friends. Real friendships.’

A program piloted the summer of 2016 at Woodland Developmental Center sent a group of student volunteers from across St. Clair County into Woodland. The volunteer students were helpful, but they weren't there to be helpers. They were there to meet new friends. By all accounts, it was a successful blending. 

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Summer 2016 cover thumbnailSummer 2016

Find out how TEC's Metal Machining Technology program has developed into an elite program in Michigan and nationally.

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Spring 2016 WWD cover

Spring 2016

Many students with severe disabilities also have issues with bearing weight and moving on their own. Read how an emphasis on regular, routine movement has improved the quality of life for many of the students at RESA's Woodland Developmental Center.

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Fall mag cover

Fall 2015

When a teen-age girl finds herself homeless, she turns to her big sister. It's a big challenge for them both. They need a little help. At one point, they are directed to RESA, and that makes all the difference.

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Spring 2015 cover

Spring 2015

A teen-age girl finds herself the "mom" of the household. Her father gets a serious illness, and high school just doesn't seem so important. Then she meets some people who simply refuse to let her quit on herself.

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What we do winter 2015

Winter 2015

This young woman, about to enter her junior year of high school, started crying when Mom told her she was going into the new middle college, chartered by RESA. Find out why she's smiling today as she pursues a dream.

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What we do cover

Fall 2014

Adults often look aghast at seemingly chaotic classrooms in which children are laughing and playing. What those same adults often don't realize is that something truly amazing is happening right before their eyes.

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