Community Involvement


St. Clair RESA Mathematics and Science Center and St. Clair RESA are proud to partner with many community groups and organizations in various projects and initiatives.

Michigan STEM Partnership

St. Clair RESA Mathematics and Science Center is pleased to be part of the St. Clair Hub of the Michigan STEM Partnership. This group supports STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) instruction and careers in Michigan. They also facilitate the dispersal of grant funds from the State of Michigan to support innovative STEM programs across the state. To find out more about the Michigan STEM Partnership,click here

BW CAN – Local College Access Network

BW CAN supports programs help students and families navigate the pate to college. They encourage students to take the "tough" courses, including STEM courses, to better prepare them to be successful in college. BW CAN holds many events throughout the year for students, parents and educators. In addition to working with local school districts, some of the community partners for

Blue Water College Access Network (BW CAN) community partners:

Community Foundation of St. Clair County

Baker College of Port Huron

Blue Meets Green

Economic Development Alliance of St. Clair County

S.O.N.S. (Save Our Neighborhoods and Streets)

St. Clair County Community College

Talented Tenth


BW CAN school partners:

Algonac Community Schools

Capac Community Schools

East China School District

Marysville Public Schools

Memphis Community Schools

Port Huron Area School District

Yale Public Schools

Click here for more information on BW CAN

St Clair Community College

St. Clair Mathematics and Science Center and St. Clair RESA partners with and supports St. Clair Community College (SC4) in the following projects and initiatives:

  • St. Clair Community College STEM symposium
  • The annual St. Clair RESA Technology Symposium
  • The St. Clair Science Fair

The St. Clair Mathematics and Science Center also supported the successful application for grant funds from the Michigan STEM Partnership that will allow the Nasr Natural Science Museum to host a series of events for students of St. Clair County.