Upcoming Events

Bushcraft and Survival 101 

August 13 & 15
9:00 am - noon

This class will teach students the basics of bushcraft and survival in a wilderness setting. Basic skills will include Shelter, fire, water procurement and how to avoid being lost. The class will be interactive and students will be expected to show basic understanding and proficiency in the skills demonstrated. The information provided is intended to help provide participants with the skills and attitude to survive if lost in the woods. Additionally, many bushcraft skills are fundamental activities for backpackers, hikers and hunters. This class is a combination of practical information, demonstrations, and hands-on experience with each of the skills. 
● Building a safe and functional fire 
● Water filtration and safety 
● Basic shelter building 
● Clothing and gear 
● Survival kits and bushcraft bags 
● Survival mindset 

Ages: 12-16
Cost: $40
10 students MAX
Preregistration required by calling 810-364-5477.

Summer Nature Club


July 9 - August 8

Summer Nature Club classes meet the same day for 5 weeks.  Preschool and kindergarten students must be accompanied by an adult.  Parents of students in grades 1st-6th are not required to stay for the program, but are welcome to accompany their child at no charge.  
A letter will be mailed to each student the first week of July with a reminder of their Nature Club session/time, the topics that will be covered, and items that should be brought with them.  For questions, call 810-364-5477.
Cost: $50 for 5 week session


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