Student Information Systems

Welcome to Student Information Systems (SIS). SIS consists of two student-related applications. 



Follett's Destiny is the leading school library management system for K–12 schools worldwide. It encourages learning and teacher-student collaboration by improving school library efficiency and simplifying access to educational resources.



Skyward is a software company specializing in K–12 administrative software packages used in schools to manage and store student information. 



Illuminate is a software company specializing in K-12 administrateive software applications. We use Illuminate's special education application and its data warehouse application, called DnA 


SIS Helpdesk: (810) 455-1004 



Student Information Systems (SIS) Team:


SIS Analyst

Robert Hanvey
(810) 455-4125  

SIS Application Consultant

Barbara Kimball
(810) 455-4124  
Kathy Levandowski
(810) 455-4123  
Kathy Thibodeau
(810) 455-4122  
Donna Wininger
(810) 455-4153  

SIS Database Administrator

John Hartzell
(810) 455-4126  

SIS Project Manager

Virginia Ramsey
(810) 455-4132