Michigan State Reporting 


Michigan Student Data System (MSDS)

The Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) worked together with different educational areas to develop the Michigan Student Data System (MSDS), a reporting system that measures a school district's success in meeting state and federal reporting requirements.  


Data collected includes:

  • General collection information (demographics, FTE, behavior, etc.)
  • Direct certification (free and reduced status)
  • Early childhood
  • Teacher student data link
  • Maintenance submissions: UIC\SRM\Early Roster 

Note: To see CEPI submission deadlines go to "News" page


Below please find documentation created by RESA to assist you with the MSDS reporting process, balancing process, and/or auditing process.  


MSDS General Collection

PDF Document2016-17 MSDS & Skyward Process - General Collection 

This is a guide created to help you prepare for count day, review where count data is held, where/how to input count data, the required reports needed for audit packets and general information.


PDF DocumentRESA Michigan Membership Report  

The Skyward Michigan Membership Report is created from the fields in the Skyward application. The RESA Michigan Membership report creates its report from the data in the MSDS extract. This report is helpful to review the actual data being submitted to CEPI. It is also a great tool for finding the differences between the actual field data versus the extract data.  


PDF DocumentRESA Population 3 Custom Report  

This RESA report is a great tool for reviewing your population 3 student at submission time.   


PDF DocumentMass Add Special Programs 

Skyward has added the ability to mass add special and local program information.  This document will show you how to mass add your special and local programs.


PDF DocumentTitle 1 Data Entry 

Skyward has updated the system effective the 2016-17 school year to change where the Title I data entry fields are located. This document gives instruction on where to go to input the Title I data.


Teacher Student Data Link (TSDL) Documentation

Teacher Mentor Options for TSDL submission 


Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) Documentation 

CRDC Checklist

CRDC Manual 

CRDC Data Elements

CRDC and Skyward Test Scores