Smarter communications

RESA's Communications Office provides communications planning, strategic assessments, e-mail and Internet communications, scientific public surveys and professional development opportunities to local districts and RESA departments. The Communications Office also offers writing, editing and design support for district newsletters, fliers, brochures, posters, logos, presentation materials, and event planning.


Strategic planning

It's important to know your audience's needs and concerns before you can develop an effective strategy for meeting them. RESA Communications can discuss a range of survey instruments, including scientific telephone surveys, online surveys and informal polls. We also can conduct focus group sessions and facilitate fact-finding meetings with key audiences: taxpayers, staff, donors, volunteers, board members and the like.

Design and creative work

Having people recognize your "brand" and what it means to them is a key element of communications. Brand awareness engenders good feelings and allows the organization to focus on specific messages. RESA Communications has extensive experience in the creative aspect of communications: logos, print newsletters, online newsletters (yes, there's a design difference), direct mail, billboards, print and online advertising, booklets, brochures and fliers.

Writing and editing

Writing is a technical skill that involves not only choosing the right words, but also setting the right tone. Our experienced staff can provide a range of written materials, from newsletters to press releases to speeches. Need some one-liners for a "roast"? Need a special introduction for a special report? Call us. We also can edit for content and grammar any writing you have, large or small, technical or informal.


RESA communications portfolio

Office staff 

Garth KriewallCommunications Office Supervisor
(810) 455-4030

Lisa Steinborn
Communications / Graphic Design
(810) 455-4032