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Tips on writing a grant proposal

Why so many links to info on writing grant proposals? Isn't there one best way to do it? Not exactly. Many proposals, while sharing some common elements, still will differ from other proposals in some way and thus it's helpful to know what different authors believe constitutes a strong proposal. Also, it's frequently helpful to read how different authors approach the same topic.

Some links on this page are difficult to categorize as they contain different types of information related to the writing of grants. Thus you are encouraged to scroll through the entire page to identify resources of interest to you. Some information on this page comes courtesy of Sigrid Trombley, grants specialist with Wichita (Kan.) Public Schools.

Writing successful grant proposals

Tutorial on grant writing

The Foundation Center has an excellent, step-by-step guide.

Proposal Checklist from the Center for Non-Profit Management

A brief list of what should be covered in each of the following sections of typical proposals: summary/abstract, introduction/background, statement of need, objectives, action plan/methodology/project design, evaluation procedures, funding/budget, future funding/sustainability. Sections of grants may not always have the same names, but most will include similar sections and require similar information.

Tips/Hints for improving your grant proposal

Grant Writing Tips

Hints that will help you as you begin to write your grant proposals.

Mixture of "How-to" and Other Grant-Related Information

Project Development - School Bd. of Alachua Co. (Gainesville FL)

This is another site that's difficult to categorize as it includes a variety of resources including funding source identification, grant writing lessons and currently available grants.

Grant Writing Resources from Scholastic

What Do Winning Proposals Have in Common?

Grant Seeking Primer

Top Tips for Successful Fundraising