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Coming to America for the first time

Stephen Heppell

Stephen Heppell keeps office hours in the London Bridge and moors his sailboat in the river Thames. He also is known worldwide for his innovative thinking about the schools of the future. A key to his remarkable 30-year career in education reform is his commitment to really listening to what students, teachers and educators say about their schools.


This summer, Heppell is coming to St. Clair County to bring to America for the first time a version of his Be Very Afraid event. The term, Be Very Afraid, is Heppell's tongue-in-cheek way of telling adults that our students today are learning in ways we can't conceive of.


This world-renowned educator will talk to a group of students from St. Clair County and elsewhere who are doing special things with today's technologies. More importantly, these students will demonstrate what they do as their audience mills about.


young student using iPad

In England, Heppell's Be Very Afraid events are designed to inform political leaders, educational leaders and people involved with influential organizations. The first-ever American event, Be Very Afraid Extra is Aug. 25 at Marysville High School. It is being held in conjunction with the fourth annual 21st Century Learning Symposium, sponsored by the St. Clair County RESA, and also at Marysville High School.