Designing schoolwide systems

for student success

Improving student academic and behavior outcomes is about ensuring all students have access to the most effective and accurately implemented instructional and behavioral practices and interventions possible. Schoolwide Positive Behavior Supports (SWPBS) provides and operational framework for achieving these outcomes. More importantly, SWPBS is not a curriculum, intervention, or practice, but is a decision making framework that guides selection, integration, and implementation of the best evidence-based academic and behavioral practices for improving important academic and behavioral outcomes for all students.



Continuum of schoolwide

Positive Behavior Support

Often referred to as either tertiary, secondary, and primary levels of prevention or tiers 1, 2, and 3.


Continuum of schoolwide PBS

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Response to Intervention improves reading scores, behavior

An article by Behavior Specialist Joe Zima was published in The E-Exchange, the official publication of the Michigan School Social Workers Association. Zima discusses how Response to Intervention is being used in local schools to improve reading scores and reduce behavior referrals. Click here to read the article.

For more information contact:

Joe Zima, LMSW

(810) 455-4045


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