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Learn to Code using these resources:

Processing (Programming Language)

 Introduction to programming. Write short programs that generate graphics and animation.  Click here for further information.


Video Help with Code  (Videos explaining math behind code)

Access the Nature of Code  site by clicking on the link.


Code Club: (has projects for Scratch and Python) 

Access the Code Club site by clicking on the link.


Code School 

Take online "courses" in various programming languages including JavaScript, HTML, Git, Ruby. Access Code School site by clicking on the link. 



This site combines video and JavaScript code to make projects.  Limited access is free.  To access the VidCode site, click on the link.

Ideas for Stop Motion Video Projects can be found here


Greenfoot (programming language using Java)

Greenfoot teaches object orientation with Java. Create 'actors' which live in 'worlds' to build games, simulations, and other graphical programs. To access the Greenfoot site, click the link.



Ucodemy is a classroom management system for Scratch.   Access the Itch site by clicking on the link. 



Other resources to teach students coding

Article gives link to additional resources for coding.   Click here to read the article.


Junior Computer Science

This site has video tutorials for Scratch, Logo, Python, etc....   To access the Junior Computer Science site, click the link.