Connected Learning

Why Connected Learning?

St. Clair County

Career and College Readiness System

Career and College Readiness System2


St. Clair County RESA and its business, community and education partners, have developed a Career and College Readiness System (CCRS) to prepare students for the future. The goal of this system is for students to graduate high school with a plan that links their talents, skills, and interests with a viable career pathway. The CCRS is a continuum that includes opportunities for students to experience strong academics, connected learning, career exploration, college access, and work-based learning.

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"The yardstick is whether students... can understand as well as memorize, apply as well as state, imagine as well as copy, solve problems rather then shrug them off, and make themselves felt in a society that seems to be in trouble for lack of these capacities."

  • Harriet Tyson, Science Education Guidebook, MDE