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Many Michigan schools use DataDirector to help them narrow learning targets and support teaching and learning. Schools in St. Clair County have adopted the data warehousing tool DataDirector from Riverside Publishing. 

DataDirector is an innovative online data management and assessment solution — a powerful decision-support system that lets educators access data, view reports, and better understand students. Unlike simple assessment systems, DataDirector allows users to combine multiple data types over time to maximize reporting, and answer complex questions. (source: DataDirector Solutions). 


Implementation efforts in St. Clair County are led by a group of leaders representing local districts. Local contacts:

  • Algonac: Jamie Smith
  • Capac: Dave Phillips
  • East China: Catherine Woolman
  • Marysville: Jennifer Johnson
  • Memphis: Kelly Sampier

  • Port Huron: Cindy Compton
  • Yale: Joe Haynes


RESA support for DataDirector may be obtained by contacting: 

Rural Education Data Initiative

Learn more about our partnership with 23 ISDs to implement a data warehousing grant, REDI (Rural Education Data Initiative), focused on DataDirector at Eastern Upper Penninsula ISD's website.


DataDirector supporting documents

St. Clair RESA DataDirector Implementation Plan

August 13, 2008 DataDirector Institute Brochure


Presentation Focusing Results to Guide Teaching and Learning

Presentation Thought-provoking Ideas on Using Data 


Presentation Authored by: Cindy Compton, formerly of Marysville Schools Instructions for Creating a Mail Merge Document from a Data Director Report  

DataDirector Logo


Data Director

Training Tools

Find the supporting documents you need for training and using DataDirector in your school.


Please report any data trouble shooting issues via our helpdesk.


Cindy Compton, Port Huron Area School District, Shares her tool page 


Jennifer Lozon, Yale Schools, shares a how-tool tool for creating a student profile report


MI Getting Started


Quick Guide to Prebuilts


Creating Assessments


Creating Exams


Creating Exam Bubble Sheets


Exam Reports


Creating Exams with Item Bank


Plan Before You Scan


Scanning Options


Scan Stations


How to Scan Student Answer Documents


Customized Reports



Web resources supporting
data use


MI MAP Data Toolkit
by Michigan Department of Education 


DataDirector Homepage


People who use data to make decisions will do so with more confidence that they are making the right decisions.

– Deborah Wahlstrom 


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Data can help us answer the question for our community: "What are we getting for our investment in our children?"

– Victoria Bernhardt