Michigan Science Standards

The State of Michigan is in the process of adopting new science standards. These have been presented to the State Board of Education who are currently considering the benefits and ramifications of moving to new standards. Click here  to see the statement from MDE.

Proposed Michigan Science Standards

Overview Resouces

The Michigan Standards will be based largely on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Below are some links to resources for the NGSS.

Next Generation Website

Download a free copy of NGSS

Video on How to read the NGSS Document

Download a free NGSS App for your iPad  or iPhone


NGSS:  Short and Sweet

One page summary of NGSS  

The Case for NGSS: Video  



The site allows you to view the standards either by topic  or by Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI). Either method will allow you to drill down to individual grade level expectations.

Appendices of the NGSS:

Appendix A: Conceptual Shifts

Appendix B: Responses to Public Drafts

Appendix C: College and Career Readiness

Appendix D: All Standards, All Students/ Case Studies

Appendix E: Disciplinary Core Idea Progressions

Appendix F: Science and Engineering Practices

Appendix G: Crosscutting Concepts

Appendix H: Nature of Science

Appendix I: Engineering Design in NGSS

Appendix J: Science, Technology, Society and the the Environment

Appendix K: Course Mapping in Middle and High School

Appendix L: Connections to CCSS- Mathematics

Appendix M: Connections to CCSS- Literacy in Science and Technical Subjects

Three Dimensions of NGSS

3 Dim Logo 

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Performance Expectations

Search what is expected that students know and do with the NGSS.  You can search by grade level, NGSS Science and Engineering Practices, Crosscutting concepts or Disciplinary Core Ideas. 


Conceptual Shifts 

  1. K-12 Science Education Should Reflect the Interconnected Nature of Science as it is practiced and experienced in the Real World.
  2. The Next Generation Science Standards are student performance expectations – NOT curriculum.
  3. The Science Concepts in the NGSS Build Coherently from K–12.
  4. The NGSS Focus on Deeper Understanding of Content as well as Application of Content.
  5. Science and Engineering are integrated in the NGSS, from K–12.


Understanding Science Instructional Shifts 

Parts of these sites will be linked to at relevant places on our Dimensions and Practices pages. 


These Shifts have implications for how science is taught in our classrooms. A good site to see how this is done is The Ambitious Science Teacher. This site contains many videos and tools to improve instruction. It is also a community of teachers that collaborate.  


Another good site is Understanding How Science Really Works has video and many good resources to give students understanding of what scientist really do. Strategies to address common misconceptions of science knowledge that students have given.


For more information on NGSS and instructional shifts, check out our RESA consultant's webpages.

Laura Chambless

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Jim Licht

NGSS tab on his protopage  

Additional Resources for NGSS


National Science Teacher's Association

NSTA: NGSS webpage  

Other video/online resources 

Bozeman Science NGSS Overview  and Link to Additional Videos  



MDE Curriculum Page  

Michigan Science Teachers Association (MSTA)

Create for STEM (MSU) resources for NGSS


Other great NGSS website from other RESAs and Math/Science Centers across the state.

Wayne RESA

Kent ISD NGSS Lessons

Traverse Bay ISD Elementary NGSS Lessons