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In January 2010, the Michigan Legislature signed into law P.A. 1249 and 1250, calling for changes in the way teacher and principal evaluations are implemented in Michigan schools.


St. Clair County school districts have formed a task force to investigate research, explore evaluation tools, and identify best practices for teacher and principal evaluation. Among the resources explored to date are the following:




Measures of Effective Teaching. The preliminary findings of a comprehensive study funded by the Gates' Foundation. Additional documents are available at the MET website.


The Widget Effect. This is an executive summary of research by The New Teacher Project. The study covers a dozen districts across four states.


Group reading/process activity for MET and Widget Effect studies


Local Resources


February 2011 Task Force Presentation


St. Clair County Student Achievement Data Profile


State Resources


Michigan Department of Education

Educator Performance Evaluation Systems Memo - December 22, 2010 

Michigan's Educator Evaluations Overview PowerPoint


Sample Teacher Performance Evaluation Matrix


Regional Resources

Great Lakes Center for Education Research & Practice website


National Resources

Creating an Aligned System: To Develop Great Teachers within the Federal Race to the Top Initiative (Schooling, Toth, Marzano) Whitepaper


Designing Transparent Teacher Evaluation: The Role of Oversight Panels for Professional Accountability (Goldstein) Research study


National Center on Performance Initiatives (NCPI)
Vanderbilt University's Peabody College Website
"The purpose of the Center is to address one of the most contested questions in public education: Do financial incentives for teachers, administrators, and schools affect the quality of teaching and learning?" Website   

National Comprehensive Center for Teacher Quality
This center provides a link to national research and regional research centers on teacher quality. Website 

 NCPI Point Research website
"This study examines the effects on student outcomes of paying eligible teachers bonuses of up to $15,000 per year on the basis of student test-score gains on the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP)."  

NCPI Rock Research website
"This two-year study examines how team-level awards impact student achievement in core subject areas (i.e., mathematics, reading, writing, social studies and science)." 

Article Teacher Ratings: What are Other Cities Doing?

The New Teacher Project website
"The New Teacher Project was formed in 1997 to address the growing issues of teacher shortages and teacher quality throughout the country." (About, The New Teacher Project)