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Employee Resources

How to access employee forms and business templates

The RESA website needs to know it's you who wants information before it will allow you access to certain pages or documents. That's no problem for people working on-site and using RESA computers. However, people trying to access documents from off-site using another email account will face difficulties. It's an easy problem to solve: Just sign in to the RESA website using your Gmail account and password. Once a Google Doc is opened, you have to make a copy of it and save it to your personal Google Drive before you can use it. By the way, you have to download a PDF and open it in Reader to allow you to type in the fields.

Business Templates (Google Docs)
Employee Business and Other Forms
Employee Benefits
Employee Handbook
Employee Online
Safety Data Sheets
SafeSchools Login
Employee Assistance Program
Free, confidential, problem-solving assistance for employees and their household members