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Welcome to RESA. If you’re like most people, you may know something about us but the details are fuzzy. I’d be surprised if it was any other way. When people bring up something we offer countywide, I’ll often find myself thinking, “Oh, yes. We do that, too!”

Dr. Kevin Miller, Superintendent

RESA Has A Lot of Moving Parts

RESA fills a unique role, providing services countywide to our seven public K-12 school districts. It provides professional development sessions to improve the skills of county teachers and administrators. It operates and helps subsidize the Imagination Library, which offers free books for any child in the county age 0–5. It owns the Pine River Nature Center near Goodells, which provides educational opportunities relating to nature and the environment. It charters the Blue Water Middle College that offers high school students the opportunity to earn a two-year college degree at no cost. It provides low-cost Internet and informational technology services to all our schools, county libraries, as well as several municipalities and agencies.

RESA operates the Technical Education Center (St. Clair TEC) that provides career and technical education (CTE) to students from across the county. It also operates the Woodland Developmental Center for children with severe physical and cognitive disabilities. Each fills an important need, providing options for students and their families that otherwise might not be available. And if we see a need that’s not being met, we look at ways to do that, too.

The list goes on, in dozens of directions.

RESA’s impact is felt in ways big and small, across the county and occasionally beyond. By working countywide, RESA can offer cost-effective services that no individual district could afford on its own. You can find out more about our programs by exploring our website. And if you’re not sure what to look for, call our main number, (810) 364-8990...and when you do, you’ll talk to a real person, not a machine.

You and your family likely have been affected in some way by a RESA program or service. If you didn’t necessarily associate it with RESA, that’s OK. We’re just happy to help.

Kevin Miller, Ph.D.
St. Clair County RESA