Using My Words

Language and Early Literacy Development


I can...

  • Ask for help and express my needs
  • Express thoughts, feelings, and ideas
  • Carry on a short conversation
  • Use words to ask and answer questions
  • Sing songs and do finger plays
  • Retell a story—beginning, middle, and end
  • Guess what will happen next in a story
  • Say beginning sound of words
  • Use rhyming words
  • Recognize syllables in words
  • Use location words—in front, under, , next to, beside, on
  • Listen to and follow 2- or 3-step directions

My parents help by...

  • Reading to me every day
  • Talking with me about feelings—mine, others', and characters' in stories
  • Having a conversation with me and explaining things to me
  • Asking me who, what, when, where, and why questions
  • Listening to my stories
  • Encouraging me to use my manners
  • Pointing out rhyming words when reading or singing with me (bed/head, dog/frog, sun/fun)
  • Saying a word and then clapping each syllable in the word with me
  • Being a reading role model, letting me see you reading often