Overview and Introduction

The St. Clair County School Readiness Advisory Committee is a group of parents, educators, child care providers and community members coming together to create a common understanding of school readiness for St. Clair County.

The committee began meeting in 2014 with the goal of developing a list of characteristics related to school readiness. This school readiness document was completed in 2015. The group's most recent project is the development of this countywide kindergarten transition booklet to be used by preschool and elementary schools to support their families.

Transitions are an important piece to a child's success in school. Effective transitions should be well-thought-out, planned locally and ensure the right people are involved in the planning and execution of the transition. Each school district and building has unique characteristics including family culture, income levels and available resources. Each of these characteristics should play an important role in preparing an effective transition plan.

Included in this booklet is an outline for creating a transition plan, including resources and templates to assist in preparing an effective plan for all incoming families.

The steps to create and implement a strong transition plan are:

Step 1: Establish a transition team

Step 2: Create a timeline and plan appropriate activities

Step 3: Implement

Step 4: Evaluate and revise

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