The transition to kindergarten is a process among partners rather than an event happening to a child.

Families and children are not the only ones transitioning to kindergarten. It is important for all participants to collaborate in making a successful and smooth transition. Partners include the school, family, children and community.

School to Children

  • To increase children's familiarity with the kindergarten setting.
  • To provide experiences for children to build positive relationships with staff and with peers who are transitioning with them into kindergarten.

School to Family

  • To increase collaboration between families and staff and promote parent involvement within the school.
  • To build an appropriate and culturally relevant partnership between family and school which supports positive school outcomes.

School to School/Community

  • To promote continuity within the transition process and facilitate cohesion in services offered to children.
  • To coordinate and integrate effective communication between schools and community regarding the transition plan.
  • To collaborate with community members to connect students, families and staff to expanded learning opportunities, community services and civic participation.

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