Great Start Champions

Ensuring a great start for every child in St. Clair County and the development of an early childhood system is the work of multiple partnerships. It requires support and commitment from all of our champions. 

Become a Partner

Is your business, organization, or agency interested in becoming a partner of the Great Start Collaborative? Download an application today.

Benefits of being a partner:

- Connections to other partners working with children 0-5 years old

- Working towards the same goals in order for everyone to be successful and most importantly our children are successful

Make a Difference

You can make a difference in the lives of our county's children.

Research in recent years has proven what parents have always know: that a child starts learning at birth. Community agencies such as yours are there to help make this as strong a community as possible. And it all begins with the very young. One way or another, each agency in our community affects the lives of our young ones. It's in all of our best interests for each child to grow to be well-adjusted, well-educated and productive. That process doesn't start with kindergarten. It starts at birth.