Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse Resources

Schools in St. Clair County have adopted the data warehousing tool Illuminate DnA to help them narrow learning targets and support teaching and learning..

Illuminate DnA is an innovative online data management and assessment solution — a powerful decision-support system that lets educators access data, view reports, and better understand students. Unlike simple assessment systems, Illuminate DnA allows users to combine multiple data types over time to maximize reporting, and answer complex questions.

Implementation efforts in St. Clair County are led by a group of leaders representing local districts. Local contacts:

  • Algonac: Ryan Melrose
  • Capac: Amy Nelson
  • East China: Michael Walling
  • Marysville: Kim Likins
  • Memphis: Susan Hankins
  • Port Huron: Erin Peyerk
  • Yale: Bill Kryscynski

RESA support for Illuminate DnA may be obtained by contacting: