ELL/Bilingual Resources

Brenda Tenniswood
Director of Education Services
[email protected] 

Michigan Department of Education resources
Resources for schools and for parents are posted at MDE home page for ELL and Bilingual Services.

What to Do with a New English Language Learner Brochure

Office of Civil Rights English Language Learners PPT

St. Clair County RESA EL Handbook

English Language Proficiency Assessment (ELPA) Homepage.

A one-page MDE reference document lists resources.

MDE flow chart explaining the process to support ELL students, beginning with admission screening

Alternative Language program Service Hours Chart

WIDA W-APT Screener

Michigan English Language Proficiency Standards:

English Language Proficiency Standards

RESA and ISD ELL resources

Macomb ISD website connecting to bilingual services.

Home Language Surveys translated into other Languages.

Teaching strategies for ELL students

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators -Foreign Languages and ESL resources

Twenty simple strategies for addressing the needs of English Language Learners can be found in this article:
Teaching in the Middle: Emancipating the English Language Learner by Rick Wormeli

Why might a student who speaks English qualify for ESL?

Restating the timelines of language acquisition: In learning an additional language, students usually develop "everyday", interpersonal language first. This means that very shortly (research says within 6 months to 2 years generally) that a student will be able to speak proficiently. However, research says that some students with bilingual experiences may need additional time/supports to be at grade level in reading comprehension and writing in English. The time it takes for this is much longer than the time it takes to speak. Hence, in order to give bilingual/multi-lingual students every chance to be successful in an academic setting where everything is in English, the school offers additional supports such as ESL.

Sample parent letter

Local district contacts

St. Clair County RESA and its local districts provide services to English language learners and bilingual students. Each district has a designated ELL coordinator:

  • Algonac
    Alan Latosz
    (810) 794-9364
  • Capac
    Jennifer Daws
    (810) 395-3701
  • East China
    Nina Reznich
    (810) 676-1011
  • Marysville
    Shawn Wightman
    (810) 455-6037
  • Memphis
    Adam Walsh
    (810) 535-8222
  • Port Huron
    Jennifer Allen
    (810) 984-3101
  • Yale
    Joe Haynes
    (810) 387-3231
  • RESA
    Brenda Tenniswood (810)455-4001