Leadership Resources


Leadership resources on the Web

Michigan Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
This website offers connections to state and national resources for school leaders.

Michigan Association of School Administrators
The website designed to keep Michigan school leaders informed.

Michigan Institute for Educational Management
This is your connection to professional learning opportunities for Michigan educational leaders.

Michigan Association for Intermediate School Administrators
The website designed for Intermediate School District administrators.

Favorite leadership texts

Black, J.S. & Gregersen, H.B. (2003). Leading strategic change: Breaking through the brain barrier.

Fullan, M. (2007). The new meaning of educational change.

Kotter, J. P. & Cohen, D.S. (2002). The heart of change.

Lambert, L. (1998). Building leadership capacity in schools.

Sarason, S. (1996). Revising the culture of the school and the problem of change.

Schlechty, P. (2001). Inventing better schools: An action plan for education reform.

"Leadership is not about a position or a place. It is about having the courage and spirit to make a significant difference."

- Kouzes & Posner, 2002