Practice 1

Practice One: Asking Questions and Defining Problems
Science begins with a question about a phenomenon, such as "Why is the sky blue?" or "What causes cancer?," and seeks to develop theories that can provide explanatory answers to such questions. A basic practice of the scientist is formulating empirically answerable questions about phenomena, establishing what is already known, and determining what questions have yet to be satisfactorily answered.

Grade Band Matrix of Practice One
Sample Tasks that integrate NGSS and CCSS. (Middle and High School Level, Elementary Levels are being developed)
Science Friday : Topics in the news about science.
How Science Works:
The linear scientific process does not necessarily describe how scientists work. Scientists from California Academy of Sciences presents an alternative model . This video describes there process using a recent discovery as an example. Click here to see questions that scientists often ask.
STEM Teaching Tool: What's wrong with the Scientific Method .

Book Corner:
5 Practices for Orchestrating Task-Based Discussions in Science

Video and Online Resources for Practice One:
Asking Questions and Defining Problems

Bozeman Science Video on Practice One
NSTA Webinar for Practice One