Finding grant money

This page links to sites that offer a variety of useful grant leads. A few things to keep in mind as you search:

  • Many foundations and corporations ONLY give grants to agencies with the tax designation of 501(c)(3). Schools are not 501(c)(3)’s. However, some sources that say they only give to 501(c)(3) agencies may waive that requirement for schools. If you find a potential funder you think is a perfect match, call or write to inquire if public schools are eligible.
  • Check other aspects of eligibility: Some only give money if they have offices/stores in this area, or they only give in certain states. Generally, funders have very specific areas of interest. If your project just doesn’t fit in, move on; it’s unlikely you’ll get them to change.

Foundations Online

This source lists foundations by name and links to more detailed information about each. (federal grants)

An excellent site for all federal grants.

Michigan Department of Education Grants

Generally larger grants for very specific projects.

MDE Search for Funding Opportunities Webpage

Provides links to expanded sources of information such as grants and fundraising directories, online fundraising sites and ideas, listings of community and private foundations, places to search for scholarships, and other education related resources.

MSU Library grant search

You can spend as much time on this site as you’d like, but it’s a good one for grant-related information.

Philanthropy News Digest education grants

The Foundation Center, which publishes the Philanthropy News Digest, is worth reviewing.