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Moment in History Videos

Chris Troy hosts Moment in History, a study of the people, places and events that shaped the Blue Water Area. Moment in History strives to both inform and entertain its viewers by giving them a look back on the lives of the people who built this part of Michigan. 

Copies of the following videos can be ordered and picked up at the front desk at the administration building on the RESA campus at 499 Range Road, Marysville. Videos can be shipped for an additional $2 to cover shipping. Send a check payable to:

St. Clair County RESA
Attn: Susan Rutkofske
499 Range Road, PO Box 1500
Marysville, MI 48040

For more information, call Susan Rutkofske at 810-455-4149 or send an email.

Railroads of St. Clair County DVD cover

When the first railroad tracks were laid in the Thumb in the mid 19th century, the growth and development of St. Clair County and the region were assured. This video discusses the Blue Water Area's railroad history, including the St. Clair river tunnel, Detroit Urban Rail, and the river ferry systems that kept the area moving. DVD: $10   

Coming to America  DVD cover

For many thousand immigrants, Port Huron was the first American soil they touched. In the Blue Water Area, the largest groups of immigrants came from Germany and Ireland. Where these two nationalities came from, what challenges they faced and how they made America their home is the focus of this video. DVD: $10

The Hotel Harrington DVD cover

The Hotel Harrington opened in 1896, bringing an air of elegance to the city of Port Huron, and hosted movie stars, ship captains, and even a newlywed haberdasher who would one day become president of the United States. The hotel's story is told through interviews with past owners' relatives, local historians, and guests. DVD: $10

The Tornadoes of 1953 DVD cover

Two powerful tornadoes raced through southeastern Michigan and Ontario in May and June 1953. This documentary explores the devastation left behind by the powerful storms. DVD: $10 Blu-ray: $20

Welcome to Tunnel City DVD cover

In 1890, The Grand Trunk Railway constructed the St. Clair rail tunnel, an engineering marvel of its time. This was such an amazing feat that the city of Port Huron became known as "Tunnel City." This video takes a look at why the tunnel was built and its impact on the freight industry. DVD: $10 Blu-ray: $20

Museum Mysteries: The First 13 Episodes DVD cover

Episodes include Abraham Lincoln’s Office Chair, The Pray Ice Plow, The Woolly Mammoth, WWI Trench Knife, and The Gamewell Alarm System, Tashmoo Park, The Monarch Pin Printer, Capt. James Taylor's Chair, The Conger Sight Tube, The Iron Lung, The Icy Ball, The Whiting Paneling, and Sitting Bull's Parade Jacket. DVD: $10

Moment in History Extra The First 20 Episodes DVD cover

Episodes include Downtown Sperry’s, Pine Grove Park, Fort Gratiot Lighthouse, St. Clair Hospital, U.S.S. Bramble, Harsens Island, The Langell Shipyards, Memphis Agricultural High School, Port Huron Town Hall Fire of 1949, Thomas Edison in Port Huron, and more. DVD: $10

Moment in History Extra: The Best of Season 2 DVD Cover

Episodes include The Great Storm of 1913, Louis James Pesha, Holy Cross-Parish, The Oakland Hotel, 1947 Freedom Train, Sperry's Santa parade, Great Lakes Engineering, The Colony Tower, Windermere Hotel, The Conger Steamship Explosion, Huron Lightship, Croswell Swinging Bridge and more. DVD: $10