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St. Clair County RESA provides a variety of quality curriculum resources that reflect research-based strategies. These resources have been developed by teams of St. Clair County teachers under the direction of RESA consultants. One of the curriculum resources is the WriteWell curriculum.

Please visit the RESA Consultants' webpage to find additional information and links to content-specific resources. You may also find content resources at the Michigan Department of Education links below:

Michigan Department of Education Curriculum Resources

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Michigan Merit Curriculum - High School Resources

The State of Michigan has embarked upon a major initiative to increase the rigor of the high school curriculum aimed at preparing students for success in the 21stCentury. The Michigan Merit Curriculum was launched for students beginning the eighth grade in 2006 (the Class of 2011). To learn more about the Merit Core Curriculum requirements, please visit theMDE High School Web site.

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The new Michigan Merit Curriculum(MMC) is implemented with the intent to assure a quality education for ALL Michigan public high school students. An education closely linked with a student's career path may require adjustments or accommodations to the general curriculum. The Michigan Department of Education has provided schools guidelines for implementing the Personal Curriculum legislation. If you believe your son or daughter's circumstances match the criteria to benefit from a Personal Curriculum (PC), please contact your local school district. To learn more about Personal Curriculum, please visit the MDE website.

Learn more about the Michigan Merit Curriculum and the Personal Curriculum

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For content specific information, feel free to contact our consultants.