Next STEP Transition Program

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Transitioning from school to adult life

The Next STEP Transition Program helps young adults, 18 to 26, who have a documented disability. Next STEP students learn life skills and gain work experience. Next STEP’s mission is to help its students learn how to get a job, live independently, and become active participants in the community.

Next STEP's Lessons for Life

In the classroom: Students learn basic “soft” skills that are key to personal and
job success. These include basic living skills such as cooking and budgeting. Basic employability skills include such things as making change at a cash register, and creating and sticking to a schedule.

On-the-job experience: Students are placed in real-world job sites and learn the
skills needed to be successful in that job. Depending on the work site, students
may learn such things as working with customers, stocking shelves, or assembling component parts.


Scott Ceglarek
Next STEP Coordinator
(810) 989-5719