How do I enroll in a TEC program?
High school juniors and seniors may enroll in TEC programs. Local high school guidance counselors place students at TEC. Students should contact their high school guidance counselor at the beginning of their sophomore year for more information.

How is TEC different from my high school?
Unlike your regular high school, you will not change classes every hour. Instead, you will meet with the same teacher and classmates every day for 2½ hours. This extra time helps you develop a close working relationship with your instructor. He or she will be able to give you extra instruction when needed or provide you with more challenging material tailored to your abilities.

What about the instructors?
All TEC instructors have extensive, on-the-job work experience in the subjects they teach and have state of Michigan teacher certificates. By combining their educational and professional backgrounds, TEC instructors draw from a unique wealth of resources to enhance learning.

How current are TEC's programs?
St. Clair TEC continuously develops ways to provide students with the most current training and equipment. Employers from business and industry regularly advise TEC staff on what equipment should be used, as well as on the type of employees they are currently seeking. The goal at TEC is to prepare students for a successful career.

What about careers typically held by a certain gender?

At TEC, there's no such thing as a program only for males or females. Students are encouraged to enter the program of study that most interests them. It does not matter if the career has traditionally been thought of as male or female. TEC students do extremely well in "nontraditional" career areas. Please consider all career options when selecting your course of study.

What happens when I complete a TEC program?
Students earn TEC certification after successfully completing a program. This certification shows universities, colleges, and technical schools that you are ready for advanced education. It lets employers know that you are ready for work. For students interested in entering the military, a TEC certification could help you enter at a higher rank. Most importantly, TEC certification adds impact to your resume and proves that you are trained and experienced in your career area.

How does TEC help me after certification?
TEC will help each student develop a plan of advanced education or training that would best complement his or her career goal. TEC will advise students on choosing a school to attend and help with applications for admission and financial aid. A job placement service is available for students wishing to go to work immediately after TEC certification. TEC will also provide information for military training and careers.

Are there extracurricular activities?
At TEC, students can participate in National Technical Honor Society (NTHS), Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) or SkillsUSA (many programs). These organizations allow students to enter contests and test their skills against students from neighboring districts. Some students qualify for state and national competitions.

Articulated college credit may be available in select TEC programs.
Call Student Services at 810-364-2830 for more information.