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Educational Programs

The nature center's primary purpose is to provide educational opportunities for local schools. Programs are offered free to public St. Clair County schools. Schools outside the county are charged a fee of $5 per student. Full-day and half-day programs are available. Please see our School Programs section to learn more.

The Pine River Nature Center is a nature preserve intended for educational purposes. Please help us maintain and protect the natural area.

  • Help keep this natural preserve just the way you found it by not littering. Place trash into garbage bins.
  • Enjoy a snack or small picnic that you bring from home at the treehouse or on one of our many picnic tables or benches on the trails.
  • Enjoy our trails by walking, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, hiking or jogging. Bikes, horses and motorized vehicle are not permitted on the trails.
  • Please leave your pets home. They disrupt the native wildlife.
  • Enjoy taking lots of photos of the wonderful wildlife, but don't feed or release any wildlife.
  • Stop to take in the beautiful flora and fauna of the nature center. Please don't take any home with you.