State and federal government grants

The U. S. Department of Education’s website forecasts all federal education grants that are or were expected to be available for the coming year. lists all available federal grants regardless of source. And the Michigan Department of Education lists available grants on its website.

These grants are for specific programs, and have specific limitations on how the money can be spent. In the case of most government grants, only districts that meet specific criteria are eligible to apply.

Government grants primarily target specific new programs. In many cases, a successful applicant will receive start-up money for an innovative or valuable supplemental program (after-school programming, foreign language programs and the like). However, after the term of the grant ends (usually between 12 and 36 months), the district can find itself in a difficult situation. The district is faced with choosing between reallocating its budget to continue that program, or to end the program because there is not enough money available for it.