Tech How-To

In this section, you can find tutorials and reference guides on using technology at St. Clair County RESA. This section is updated regularly with tutorials. If there is anything that you would like a guide for, that is not listed here, feel free to email Help Desk and we would be glad to create a tutorial.


Google Mail, Contacts, and Calendar:

Welcome to Gmail! As of April 18th, 2016, RESA has migrated to Google Apps for Education for your Email, Calendar, and Contacts. Below are training resources to help you adjust to your new Gmail Inbox and Calendar.

How do I Login to Gmail?

Using the Google Chrome Web Browser, navigate to the RESA Website and click on the Gmail link at the top of the page. Use your existing RESA Email address and current email/computer password to login.

 Gmail Cheat Sheet

The basics of navigating your Gmail Inbox. 

 Calendar Cheat Sheet

The basics of navigating your schedule with Google Calendar.

 Gmail and Calendar Customization

Learn how to 

 Gmail Tips and Tricks

Google has many tips listed her to help you make better use of your Inbox.

 Advanced Features

Want to be a Gmail Master? Check out this list we've created to help boost your productivity!

 Gmail Frequency Asked Questions

 Google Apps Learning Center

Mobile Device Setup:

These tutorials will guide you through the process of setting up your Gmail account on your phone or tablet. Depending on what options you select, this included your Email, Calendar, and Contacts. 

 Apple/iPhone Device Setup Guide for Gmail

 Android Phone/Tablet Setup Guide for Gmail

Google Drive 

Google Drive:

Google Drive Training Resources are Coming Soon!