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Behavior Consultation and Support Services

Behavior symptoms in the classroom present for various reasons, including medical and mental health diagnoses, how a student’s brain may process stressful events, and environmental factors within the school and classroom.

Our consultants specialize in assisting school teams in understanding the causes of behavioral symptoms and, more importantly, how to intervene to help students become as successful as possible in the classroom.

In addition to supporting local schools, our Behavior Support team provides information, links to resources, and assists with questions related to potential student behavioral symptoms to families in St Clair County.


Joe Zima, LMSW
Behavior Specialist and Professional Development Coordinator

Laurie Agosta, M.Ed.
Intervention Specialist

Lisa Koehn
Intervention Specialist

Chelsea Laurencelle
Interventionist Specialist

Shelby Petersen
Behavior Technician

Danielle Richard M.Ed., B.C.B.A.
Intervention Specialist