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Great Start Parent Coalition

The St. Clair County Great Start Parent Coalition is a group of parents working together to ensure a great start for St. Clair County's children.

The Parent Coalition works to raise awareness and support for early childhood programming in the community.

They give parents who are passionate about early childhood issues a way to volunteer in their own communities.

The Parent Coalition also gives parents a voice in shaping programs and services used by young children and their families in St. Clair County, and they work to support the work of the Great Start Collaborative.

Parent Coalition Successes

Family Friendly Business Award

The St. Clair County Great Start Collaborative recognizes county businesses, agencies, and organizations that are “family-friendly.” A family-friendly business encourages and supports children and families through its business practices. An example of this may be a doctor’s office that provides an area with books or activities for waiting children or a restaurant that offers child-friendly menus, including healthy options.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions, or are interested in more information about the Great Start Parent Coalition, please contact the Parent Liaison at 810-455-4443 or

Parent Coalition Successes